Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked questions about Autogenie. If you can’t find what you need, please email

About Autogenie

  • What is Autogenie?

    Autogenie is the easiest way to buy a new car. Autogenie is the only site that does all the legwork for you. You submit a request describing the car you want to buy and our network of trusted dealers then reply with their best offer – which is always a great price because we source thousands of cars every year and our dealers always give our customers a great deal. You remain completely anonymous – so you won’t get any calls from salesmen trying to sell you their vehicle. We will support you until you are ready to finalise the purchase of your new car. Our customers love us because we take the stress and hassles out of buying a new car but still get you a great price. We can also arrange finance and extended warranties

  • Who is behind Autogenie?

    Autogenie is the brainchild of Smartsalary, an established and successful novated lease and salary packaging company that already sources hundreds of cars each month for its customers. You can read more about Smartsalary here.

  • Why did you start Autogenie?

    Autogenie was launched because the team at Smartsalary saw people struggling with the pressures associated with the traditional car buying process every day – lack of transparency in car prices, the pushy sales tactics, shopping around and general time-wasting. We knew there had to be a better way.

  • Who are your competitors?

    While there are similar services overseas such as, we are not aware of any other Australian company that offers the same nationwide service as Autogenie. No other Australian company allows a buyer to request a car online and reach a final price in 24 hours – our dealers can even arrange for the vehicle to be delivered to your door, if requested as part of your quote. So, in the truest sense, there are no competitors.

  • Is Autogenie a broker?

    No. Autogenie does not complete the transaction on your behalf like a broker would. Instead, we ensure full transparency and open communication between the buyer and seller. The actual car purchase occurs at the dealership. The only transaction between the car buyer and Autogenie is the payment of the one-time “car request” fee.

  • How is Autogenie different from other auto sites?

    We focus on the car buying process, not research. There are plenty of sites where you can learn about fuel consumption, turning radius and engine size but we’re the only one that will actually help you through the most stressful part – buying the car.

  • Why would dealers work with you? Doesn’t this hurt them?

    Dealers love us because we have a an efficient and effective system for dealers as well – efficient because we qualify customers for the dealers and allow them to respond quickly through our online platform, effective because they are paying only for performance. Traditional advertising options such as online classifieds or mass media cost dealerships a lot of time and money negotiating with shoppers who are not serious about buying a car yet. Autogenie helps to filter out tyre kickers, so that we only send dealers serious buyers – that’s why our dealers respond with seriously great prices. The average discount for an Autogenie customer is $3,200 (based on actual quotes received in the last 3 months)

  • How many dealers does Autogenie work with?

    Currently the Autogenie network includes ~ 650 dealers nationwide. While lots of dealers apply, we make sure they go through a rigorous process so that quality and customer service standards are always maintained.

  • Does Autogenie have dealers in every state?

    Autogenie has dealers in every state for the vast majority of makes and models.

  • Are the testimonials true?

    Yes, all our testimonials are quotations from actual live customers who have used Autogenie and loved their experience – it’s the easiest way to buy a new car.

Using Autogenie

  • How does it work?

    First, you tell us what kind of car you want. We pass this on to our dealer network and they submit their best offer within 24 business hours. When you receive an offer you like, we will connect you with the dealer. It’s that easy!

  • How much does it cost?

    At the moment, Autogenie’s car request fee is $49. And we offer a no questions asked 30 day happiness guarantee so you get a full refund in the 30 days from sign up, no questions asked. This means you are at no risk, and against your $49 – you will save time, and thousands of dollars with the great price on your new car. If anything goes wrong during this process, our Happiness Guarantee ensures that you can get a full refund inside the first 30 days if you are unsatisfied.

  • Why isn’t it free?

    Autogenie charges a small request fee because we offer a great service which saves you time and money – and so that dealers know you are serious about buying a car. Our dealers give us exclusive discounts because they trust us to only send them serious car buyers – it saves them time too since preparing a new quote takes time and effort from every dealer. It is as simple as that.

  • How long do I have to decide which offer I prefer?

    Once your offers have arrived, you have 7 days to decide which one you like best and accept that offer via the Autogenie website. After 7 days, the offers expire.

  • Am I forced to buy a car if I sign up?

    No., absolutely not. We leave the choice of going ahead or not with you, and we respect whatever choice you make.

  • Is Autogenie only for new cars?

    Yes, Autogenie only supports brand new car buyers.

  • Do dealers provide me with the drive away price?

    Yes, all your quotes from dealers are for the drive away price (as defined by the ACCC) of your new car. The drive away price is a motor vehicle industry term that indicates the retail price of the car, state charges, government charges and dealer charges as well.

  • Will I only get quotes for vehicles which match my requirements exactly?

    No, from time to time, Dealers may highlight special offers and immediately available vehicles in their quotes. As such, a quote may be a close match but are not always an exact match to your original request. 

  • Is my information protected? If so, how do you ensure that?

    Dealers do not see any of your personal details when they provide you with offers. We keep your details hidden until you’ve accepted an offer. At that point we give the winning dealer your contact information so that you can finalise the purchase of your new car. Unlike other classifieds sites, we do NOT pass your information to dealers and expose you to the risk of multiple sales calls or email spam.

  • How far away are the dealers that give me offers?

    It varies based on where you are located but it doesn’t really matter because we have already ensured the dealer will deliver it to your door. If distance is a concern, please remember that you can get your car serviced anywhere – it doesn’t have to be at the dealership from which you bought it.

  • Can I use your service with a dealer near me?

    Autogenie will always try to contact the dealers closest to you within our network. However, we cannot guarantee that any specific dealer will be included on any given deal.

  • What if I get a list of dealers who are nowhere close to me?

    All our dealers’ offers include delivery of the car directly to your door, so it doesn’t matter how far away they are to you.

  • How do I pick the best deal?

    It’s a personal decision and the best deal is different for everyone. Just remember, the offer with the lowest price isn’t necessarily the best deal. Sometimes offers will have additional extras. For this reason, we tell our customers to accept the one that is the best value for money.

Paying For & Collecting Your New Car

  • Where and when do I pay for the car?

    You do NOT pay for the car through Autogenie. You pay the Dealership after we’ve connected you – you will need to speak to the dealership, put down a deposit for the transaction based on your conversation with them and then organise the payments and paperwork with the dealer to get your great new car.

  • How does the dealer know what price I’m supposed to pay?

    Once you’ve accepted an offer, we notify the dealer that you selected their offer and you are going to pay the agreed upon price. Please note: There won’t be further negotiations on the price at the dealership, we’ve already got you a great price – and that’s the dealers final offer. All the quotes you receive from us are confidential and should be treated as such.

  • Will dealers haggle with me when I go to the dealership?

    No. Autogenie has signed agreements with all of its dealers and they have agreed not to haggle with any Autogenie buyers. If for some reason a dealer tries to haggle with you when you go to pick up your new car, you should leave and report it to us immediately. Don’t forget we have a happiness guarantee so no matter what happens, we will ensure that you receive quality service.

Your Autogenie Account

  • I forgot my password, how can I log in?

    There is a link on the “sign up” page on allowing you to request a new password to be sent to you via email. The email will be sent to the email address already on file with us.

  • When I try to log in, it says my password is wrong. What’s up?

    If you can’t remember your password, the best thing to do is to create a new one. There is a link on the “sign up” page on allowing you to request a new password to be sent to you via email. The email will be sent to the email address already on file with us.

  • When I try to log in, it says email isn’t recognised. What’s up?

    When you pay for the Autogenie service, we create a temporary account for you using your email address as the ID. Within one business days, you receive a series of emails from Autogenie with links to your offers summary page. When you click on any of these links, it validates your email within our system. If you didn’t click on any of your Autogenie emails during these two days, your temporary ID was disabled.